PME conseils, Bureau de conseils en comptabilité, gestion d’affaires et fiscalité à Bruxelles – Chaussée d’Alsemberg, 999 – Belgique

Accounting Services


Our accounting services may either involve the entire bookkeeping system or simply the on-site monitoring of accounts. Members of staff manage accounting services, under the supervision of a partner.

PME-Conseils defines its services on a project-by-project basis, in relation to management requirements and according to the rules and standards in force.



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MANAGEMENT OF subsidised projects


The entities concerned are non-profit associations, international associations and NGOs. Project management requires budgetary and financial accounting specifically adapted to supervising, controlling and editing the specific reports required by each sponsor. Our company is in regular contact with various public authorities, such as the European Commission, numerous Belgian Ministries, the Coordination Committee of the Funds (COCOF),…


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Standard tax issues

  • Value-Added Tax (VAT)

  • Personal Income Tax

  • Corporation Tax

  • Taxation of Legal Entities


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PME-Conseils is entirely familiar with the non-profit sector and its diversity. It works for non-profit associations in the cultural, social, overseas development, medical and paramedical sectors, for international associations (unincorporated associations or international non-profit associations), NGOs (non-governmental organizations), European federations in the social or charity sector, etc.


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  • Winding-up, mergers and demergers
  • Company transfers
  • Real estate projects
  • Credit applications
  • Administrative management (secretarial services, mail, conferences, seminars)
  • Domiciliation of your company at our address

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