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Management Consulting


Besides the services offered by the Accounting Services Department, PME-Conseils provides its clients with detailed responses to all questions concerning VAT formalities.


PME-Conseils Consultants en gestion intervient pour le choix de la formule la plus adaptée et la moins imposée.

Pour un dirigeant d’entreprise, les prestations habituelles de PME-Conseils ont trait à l’optimisation et la planification des revenus du travail (incluant les charges fiscales et sociales) en relation avec les données comptables de la société.

Pour les commerçants et les professions libérales, PME-Conseils apporte son expertise pour la planification fiscale personnelle (biens immobiliers, revenus du travail, …) et établit les annexes des déclarations.

Pour les cadres étrangers, PME-Conseils complète et introduit les demandes de statut de cadre étranger.

In addition to PME-Conseils’ Accounting services, our management consultants help you to choose the most appropriate formula that is least liable to tax, for each category of income. 

For a business manager, PME-Conseils’ services usually relate to the optimisation and planning of income from labour, (including social security contributions and tax payments) in relation to the accounting data of the company.

For traders and practitioners of the professions, PME-Conseils offers its expertise in personal tax planning (real estate, earned income, etc.) and draws up the appendices to tax returns.

For foreign executives, PME-Conseils completes and files applications for the status of foreign executive.


The life of a company is also affected by tax regulations. Most actions of a company have tax implications.

Most of the actions a company undertakes have tax implications.

PME-Conseils advises its clients on the tax implications of such and such an act and calculates the fiscal impact of these different actions on the company.


Taxation of legal entities applies chiefly to non-profit associations. It is necessary to check whether all the conditions of application of this taxation system are met.

PME-Conseils draws up the returns for payroll withholding tax (directors) and withholding tax on investment income.


Among the other taxes and duties (licensing taxes, local and regional taxes, inheritance tax, etc.) for which PME-Conseils offers its services, the main emphasis is on inheritance tax and succession planning.

Although not very widespread, essentially for cultural reasons, succession planning makes it possible to pass on private or professional assets, companies or societies in such a way that they retain their value and operational nature.

Naturally the fiscal aspect is not the only or primary criterion to determine the choices to be made in terms of succession planning. However, it can have a considerable impact and must therefore be taken into consideration in the decision of the testator.

PME-Conseils takes all these aspects into account when helping its clients to make their choices in terms of succession planning, especially the relational and human aspect.

PME-Conseils defines the procedures and structures to be put in place and implemented, while clearly specifying their – present and future – tax and other implications.


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