PME conseils, Bureau de conseils en comptabilité, gestion d’affaires et fiscalité à Bruxelles – Chaussée d’Alsemberg, 999 – Belgique

Business Management

Management Consulting

Constitution of Company

PME-Conseils helps entrepreneurs to structure their economic activity, to transfer a personal activity to a company, and to establish trading or non-trading companies or associations.

PME-Conseils covers all the aspects linked to the opening of a company.


PME-Conseils acts as a consultant in every stage of the life of a business or company. Its expertise and sound knowledge of small and medium-sized businesses and their economic and social environment enables it to offer an in-depth professional view of the different aspects of the life of a company and to advise its managers beneficially and efficiently. Business management consultancy covers every aspect of the daily life of a company.

PME-Conseils formalises its actions by providing all its clients with clear and concise reports.


PME-Conseils also offers its services for management support, either for one-off assignments or on a more regular basis.
This support may take on different forms: participation in the Executive Committee meetings, meetings with the Managing Director or business manager, preparation of the Board of Directors meetings, secretarial services for the Board of Directors, follow-up of the decisions of the Board of Directors, preparation for discussions with commercial partners or banks.


Consultancy in the field of acquisition and sale of businesses calls for special expertise, connected with skills in management and in financial, accounting and legal auditing, as well as direct (personal income tax and corporation tax) and indirect (VAT) taxation.

PME-Conseils assists the transferors and transferees in all these aspects, where appropriate in collaboration with other advisers of the management (lawyer, notary, etc.).


The support provided by PME-Conseils covers all aspects and all stages of the liquidation of a company, the procedure for which has recently been changed.

This new procedure imposes supervision by the Commercial Court.

PME-Conseils prepares the dossier for the appointed notary and the auditor.

PME-Conseils may, in certain cases, take on the duties of liquidator.


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