PME conseils, Bureau de conseils en comptabilité, gestion d’affaires et fiscalité à Bruxelles – Chaussée d’Alsemberg, 999 – Belgique

Accounting Services


The non-profit sector is also represented among the clientele of PME-Conseils. The basic principle of the service it offers is to apply and to allow this sector to benefit from the same administrative, accounting and financial management tools as in the profit sector.

PME-Conseils is entirely familiar with the non-profit sector and its diversity. It works for non-profit associations in the cultural, social, overseas development, medical and paramedical sectors, for international associations (unincorporated associations or international non-profit associations), NGOs (non-governmental organisations), European federations in the social or charity sector, etc.

PME-Conseils also assists its clients during financial audits by the subsidising authorities.

In short, besides the usual services in the area of accounting, business administration and taxation specific to non-profit associations and other organisations in the non-profit sector, PME-Conseils carries out

financial and cost accounting specifically adapted to the supervision of projects or specific budgets, and adapted to the needs of the reports that have to be drawn up for the sponsors or subsidising powers (the Ministry of the French Community in Belgium and various Belgian Ministries, the Coordination Committee of the Funds (Wallonia-Brussels Federation), the European Commission,…

PME-Conseils also assists its clients during the financial audits carried out by the subsidising authorities.


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